Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidRelevant genotypeaSource
pWJ659CEN LEU2 TOP3Gift of J. Weinstein
pWJ171CEN LEU2 TOP3Wallis et al. (1989)
pRS415CEN LEU2Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
pWJ1092CEN URA3 TOP3This study
pWJ1114URA3 TOP3This study
YCp50CEN URA3 TOP3Rose et al. (1987)
pRS306URA3Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
pWJ1130CEN URA3 top3–E447K, S583LThis study
pWJ1203URA3 top3–E447K, S583LThis study
pRS304TRP1Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
pWJ1174TRP1 iYLR237This study
pRS425LEU2Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
pRS1372LEU2 top3–E447K, S583LThis study
pWJ1047CEN URA3 Gal-A-HpaI-BGift of R. Reid
pWJ1067CEN URA3 Gal-TOP3This study
pWJ1074CEN URA3 Gal-top3–Y356FThis study
pWJ1085CEN LEU2 top3–Y356FThis study
pWJ1113URA3 top3–Y356FThis study
pRS417CEN ADE2Brachmann et al. (1998)
pWJ1189CEN URA3 ADE2 TOP3This study
pWJ1279CEN URA3 Gal-PIF1This study
pWJ1280CEN URA3 Gal-pif1–K264RThis study
pWJ1281CEN URA3 Gal-RRM3This study
pWJ1345CEN HIS3 Gal-A-HpaI-BThis study
pWJ1346CEN HIS3 Gal-TOP3This study
pWJ1347CEN HIS3 Gal-top3–Y356FThis study
pUH7ura3∷HIS3Cross (1997)
pRS413CEN HIS3Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
pWJ1315CEN HIS3 NUP49This study
pWJ1323CEN HIS3 CFP-NUP49This study
pRS416CEN URA3Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
pWJ1348CEN URA3 CFP-NUP49This study
pLH7leu2∷HIS3Cross (1997)
pCox4-DsRed.T4CEN LEU2 COX4–DsRedBevis and Glick (2002)
pWJ1326CEN HIS3 COX4–DsRedThis study
pWJ1249CEN TRP1 C-HpaI-DGift of R. Reid
pWJ1277CEN HIS3 NOP1This study
pWJ1299CEN HIS3 NOP1–CFPThis study
pWJ1327CEN URA3 NOP1–CFPThis study
pWJ1321CEN HIS3 NOP1–DsRedThis study
pWJ1322CEN URA3 NOP1–DsRedThis study
YEp51BLEU2Akada et al. (1997)
Clone 1LEU2 PIF1Akada et al. (1997)
Clone 2LEU2 PIF1Akada et al. (1997)
HCS2LEU2 TOP3Akada et al. (1997)
pWJ1246Clone 1 + Δpif1This study
pWJ1286Clone 1 + pif1–K264RThis study
pL1580CUP1∷URA3-SUP11-oKeil and McWilliams (1993)
  • a Plasmid sequences and/or maps are available upon request.