Strains used in this study

W1588-4CMATa ade2-1 can1-100 his3-11,15 leu2-3,112 trp1-1 ura3-1
J1022aMATa top3–E447K, S583L
W3966-18AaMATα top3–E447K, S583L iYLR237∷TRP1
W3040aMATa/MATα top3–Y356F/TOP3
W3040-9AaMATa top3–Y356F pWJ1189
W1958bMATa/MATα top3∷TRP1/TOP3 sgs1∷HIS3/SGS1
W3609-5DaMATa pif1∷URA3K.l.
J1129aMATa pif1Δ
W3642aMATa/MATα top3∷TRP1/TOP3 sgs1∷HIS3/SGS1 pif1∷URA3K.l./PIF1
W5290-3BaMATα pif1∷KAN-MX
W4168-2BaMATa pif1-K264R
W3972-7CaMATa pif1-m2
W3732-1CaMATa rrm3∷URA3K.l.
J1132aMATa rrm3Δ
W3656aMATa/MATα rrm3∷URA3K.l./RRM3 top3∷TRP1/TOP3 sgs1∷HIS3/SGS1
W2069-2BbMATa sgs1-ΔN82
W1911-1BbMATa sgs1–K706R
W2075-3CbMATa sgs1-ΔN82, K706R
W5488MATa/MATα pif1∷KAN-MX/PIF1 sgs1∷HIS3/SGS1-LEU2
W5493MATa/MATα pif1∷KAN-MX/PIF1 sgs1-ΔN82/SGS1-LEU2
W5491MATa/MATα pif1∷KAN-MX/PIF1 sgs1–K706R/SGS1-LEU2
W5495MATa/MATα pif1∷KAN-MX/PIF1 sgs1-ΔN82, K706R/SGS1-LEU2
W5497MATa/MATα pif1∷KAN-MX/PIF1 sgs1–K706R/SGS1-LEU2 top3∷TRP1/TOP3 …
J911cMATa rad51Δ
W2263-1BdMATα rad52∷HIS5
W3248-1AeMATα rad54∷LEU2
W3572-6CeMATα rad55Δ
W3868MATa/MATα top3∷TRP1/TOP3 pif1∷URA3K.l./PIF1 rad54∷LEU2/RAD54
W3869MATa/MATα top3∷TRP1/TOP3 pif1∷URA3K.l./PIF1 rad55Δ/RAD55 …
W1518-3CfMATα rad9∷HIS3 top3∷LEU2
W2972-1CgMATa mad2-1
W3831-1BaMATa CUP1∷URA3-SUP11-o
W3480-4CaMATa rDNA∷URA3
W1868-8BaMATa SUP4-o∷URA3
W2297-1AhMATa RAD52–YFP ADE2 bar1∷LEU2
W4436aMATa/MATα top3∷TRP1/TOP3 RAD52–YFP/RAD52–YFP ADE2/ADE2 lys2/LYS2 bar1∷LEU2/BAR1
W2312-16AiMATa RAD52–CFP ADE2 bar1∷LEU2
W4180-8DaMATa PIF1–YFP ADE2 bar1∷LEU2
W4240-25BaMATa PIF1–YFP RAD52–CFP bar1∷LEU2
W4294-8DaMATa RRM3–YFP ADE2 bar1∷LEU2
W3653aMATa/MATα top3∷TRP1/TOP3 sgs1∷HIS3/SGS1 RAD52–YFP/RAD52 trp1-1/TRP1 lys2Δ/LYS2 ADE2/ADE2 bar1∷LEU2/bar1∷LEU2
W4238aMATa/MATα top3∷TRP1/TOP3 RAD52–CFP/RAD52 PIF1–YFP/PIF1 ADE2/ADE2 bar1∷LEU2/bar1∷LEU2
W2926aMATa/MATα top3∷TRP1/TOP3 sgs1∷HIS3/SGS1 RAD52–YFP/RAD52–YFP trp1-1/TRP1 lys2Δ/LYS2 ADE2/ADE2 bar1∷LEU2/bar1∷LEU2
W4197aMATa/MATα top3∷TRP1/TOP3 PIF1–YFP/PIF1 ADE2/ADE2 bar1∷LEU2/bar1∷LEU2
W4294aMATa/MATα RRM3–YFP/RRM3 top3∷TRP1/TOP3 ADE2/ADE2 bar1∷LEU2/BAR1
  • All strains are derived from W303 (Thomas and Rothstein 1989). Unless otherwise indicated, all strains are isogenic to W1588-4C (Zou and Rothstein 1997). URA3K.l. refers to URA3 from Kluyveromyces lactis, an ortholog of S. cerevisiae URA3. In cases in which multiple strains of identical genotype were used, one example is given. All strains are from the Rothstein Lab.

  • a From this study.

  • b Gift of J. Weinstein.

  • c Gift of Q. Feng.

  • d Gift of A. Antúnez de Mayolo.

  • e From Shor et al. (2002).

  • f Gift of X. Zhao.

  • g Gift of R. Reid.

  • h From Lisby et al. (2001).

  • i From Lisby et al. (2003).