Species found positive for infection, with Wolbachia and Wolbachia haplotypes found

Species group or genusStrains examinedWolbachia infected
SpeciesOvariesWhole fliesTotalOvariesWhole fliesTotal% strains infectedwsp haplotypes16S haplotypes
cardiniD. arawakana71716363892 wWil; 56 wSpt
melanogasterD. ananassae317203710507 wRi; 3 wSpt3 wRia,b
melanogasterD. baimaii2211501 wBai (new)
melanogasterD. bicornuta22221002 wBic (new)
melanogasterD. mauritiana3322672 wNo
melanogasterD. melanogaster1151601037457537 wMel8 wMelc
melanogasterD. nikananu122111501 wNik (new)1 wNika (new)
melanogasterD. pseudoananassae8833383 wPana3 wPanaa
melanogasterD. pseudotakahashii2211501 wPse (new)
melanogasterD. quadraria11111001 wRi
melanogasterD. sechellia3311331 wHa
melanogasterD. simulans183048181331652 wMel; 27 wRi16 wRia,b
melanogastertakahashii subgroup11111001 wTak (new)1 wTakc (new)
melanogasterD. teissieri1221221002 wSpt1 wMelc
saltansD. sturtevanti7722292 wStv MI
willistoniD. tropicalis133122672 wWil
willistoniD. willistoni119519611001015278 wWil1 wWilc (new)
ScaptodrosophilaScaptodrosophila stonei2211501 wSto (new)
ScaptomyzaScaptomyza pallida11111001 wSpt
  • a PCR product obtained with both 27F–1492R and 10F–1507R primer pairs.

  • b Sequence is 1 bp different from another wRi strain (AY833061).

  • c PCR product obtained with 27F–1492R primer pair only.