Number of species and strains scored as positive for each of the primer sets

Primer pairTissue examinedNo. of species that were positiveTotal no. of species examinedNo. of strains that were positiveTotal no. of strains examined
Universal 16S (10F–1507R)Ovaries4W3524W181
Universal 16S (27F–1492R)Ovaries8W 1S3536W 5S181
Universal 16S–23S (559F–35R)Ovaries0350181
Bacteroidetes 16S (10FF–1370R)Ovaries0350181
Cardinium and near relatives (CLOf1–CLOr1)Ovaries0350181
Spiroplasma 16S (63F–TKSSsp)Ovaries and whole flies3225181401
Wolbachia wspOvaries and whole flies192252711401
  • See materials and methods. W, sequence corresponded to Wolbachia 16S gene; S, sequence corresponded to Spiroplasma 16S gene.