Only RAD53 is required for both cdc7 viability and mcm5-bob1 suppression

CrossQuery geneTsm+ (cdc7ts mcm5-bob1)Tsm (cdc7ts)n
RSY311 × P101None505034
RSY1060 × P138rad530048
P142 × RSY870mec1594122
RSY1164 × 847tel1584226
RSY1113 × P138chk1505043
P253 × RSY1104mrc1425827
RSY847 × 1815-4Cmad2415920
RSY1139 × RSY1141tel1 mec1425820
RSY1111 × RSY465rad9455520
RSY1179 × P253dun1485221
JLY1018 × P142asf1534717
JLY018 × P142cac1505024
RSY1111 × RSY465rad9 mrc14020
RSY1109 × RSY1177rad9 mrc14323
  • All numbers are the percentage of colonies with the query mutant gene(s) that also have cdc7 mcm5-bob1 or just cdc7 mutations. Because all genes are unlinked, 50% of colonies with the cdc7 mutation will be Tsm. Tsm+ cdc7 colonies contain mcm5-bob1 (Hardy et al. 1997); n, number of colonies in tetrads examined. cdc7ts mutation was followed by the Tsm phenotype or by linkage to TRP1.