Summary of phenotypes of cdc7, rad53, mcm5-bob1, and hht2-hhf2 strains

cdc7-1, cdc7-4+
rad53-11 or rad53Δ sml1Δ++
cdc7-1 rad53-11 or cdc7-1 rad53Δ sml1ΔNAc
cdc7-xb mcm5-bob1++
cdc7-1 rad53-11 mcm5-bob1 orNAc
cdc7-1 rad53Δ sml1Δ
cdc7-1 rad53Δ sml1Δ hht2-hhf2Δ+
cdc7-1 rad53Δ sml1Δ mcm5-bob1 hht2-hhf2Δ++
cdc7-4 rad53-11+
cdc7-4 rad53-11 mcm5-bob1+
cdc7-1 mcm5-bob1 clb5Δ+
cdc7-1 mcm5-bob1 clb5Δ hht2-hhf2Δ+
  • a Temperature sensitivity.

  • b x, any allele including cdc7Δ.

  • c Not applicable.