129 mouse substrains assayed for the Disc1 deletion polymorphism

Strain nameAbbreviationLineageES cell lines
129P1/ReJ129P1Parental (P)
129P2/OlaHsd129P2Parental (P)E14TG2a, HM-1
129P3/J129P3Parental (P)mEMS32
129P4/RrRkJ129P4Parental (P)
129S1/SvImJ129S1Steel (S)CJ7, W9.5
129S2/SvPas129S2Steel (S)D3
129S4/SvJae129S4Steel (S)AK7, J1
129S5/SvEvBrd129S5Steel (S)Lex-1
129S7/SvEvBrd129S7Steel (S)AB1, AB2.1
129S8/SvEv129S8Steel (S)
129T1/Sv129T1Ter (T)
129T2/SvEmsJ129T2Ter (T)
129X1/SvJ129X1Contaminated (X)Pat5, PJ1-5, RW-4
  • We assayed all extant inbred substrains of 129 listed by Festing et al. (1999) and Beck et al. (2000). DNA samples from 129P1, 129P3, 129P4, 129S1, 129S4, 129S8, 129T1, 129T2, and C57BL/6J mice were obtained from the Mouse DNA Resource of The Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, ME). DNA samples from 129S5 and 129S7 mice were obtained from Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Buffalo) and B&K Universal (Hull, Yorkshire, UK), respectively. DNA was isolated from tail biopsies from 129S6 and B6129F1 mice supplied by Taconic Farms (Germantown, NY), from 129P2 mice supplied by Harlan (Indianapolis), and from 129S2 mice supplied by Charles River (Saint-Constant, Quebec, Canada). ES cell line progenitor strains were identified using the Mouse Genome Database (2006). 129S1/SvImJ was previously named 129S3/SvImJ (Jackson Laboratory 2001). 129/Sv (JAX 000094), a cryopreserved strain that is heterozygous at many loci (Simpson et al. 1997), was excluded as it is clearly not inbred.