Summary of recombination at A1-b and A1-b(P415)

α and βRate of recombination in the absence vs. presence of homologPreferred pairing partner with homolog
HaplotypeOrderSequence identity (%)Preferred template
A1-baα-β-Sh29610- to 13-fold lower94% paired with homologα
A1-b(P415)aβ-α-Sh299.91.2-fold higherNDbNDc
  • a The rates of recombination in the presence of a homolog are similar between A1-b and A1-b(P415). In the absence of a homolog (i.e., in a hemizygote), however, the rate of recombination is ∼13-fold higher in A1-b(P415) as compared to A1-b.

  • b The preferred template in the presence of a homolog could not be determined in A1-b(P415).

  • c Because α and β are nearly identical, the pairing partner cannot be determined.