Rates of recombination between polymorphic and dimorphic EMS-induced a1 alleles

F1 heterozygote classNo. isolatedNo. confirmedaPopulation sizeRecombination rate (cM)c
CrossF1 allele combinationCl etbCl EtbCl etCl Et
Polymorphic5a1-3849-9 Sh2 et/a1-3845-5 Sh2 Et544121d222,5370.0013 ± 0.00008
Dimorphic6a1-3849-9 Sh2 et/a1-3849-5 Sh2 et20208170180,4830.0094 ± 0.0002
  • a Intragenic recombinants were confirmed by a combination of genetic crosses and molecular analysis (e.g., genotyping for the a1 pollen parent).

  • b Cl et, colored etched kernels; Cl Et, colored nonetched kernels.

  • c Calculated as (no. confirmed Cl et + Cl Et)/population size × 100. Standard errors were calculated as described in Table 2, footnote g.

  • d Two of the isolated Cl et candidates were PCR-positive for the pollen parent a1 allele. One was tested but not confirmed by genetic cross and the other died at the seedling stage. For the most conservative estimate of intragenic recombination, it is assumed that the dead seedling would have been confirmed and, therefore, there is one Cl et recombinant.