Phenotypic evolutionary dynamics of maltose growth ability

300013/152/15 (suppressible mutation different from I138F)
40005/138/13 (suppressible mutation different from I138F)
50001/1816/18 (14 malT Ara+1a and 2 unknown)1/18 (I138F suppressible mutation)
  • Individual clones were isolated at several time points from population Ara + 1 and assessed for their growth capacity in DM250 maltose medium at 37°. The number of clones in each category relative to the total number of clones analyzed is given. Mal+, growth after 8 hr; Mal, no growth after 24 hr; Mals, no growth after 8 hr but growth after 24 hr. In relevant cases, additional data on the malT genotype are given in parentheses.

  • a malT Ara+1, malT evolved allele eventually substituted in population Ara + 1.