Phenotypes of flies expressing the BID transgene

BID fly lineCrossed to da-GAL4Crossed to ey-GAL4
BID.2AMale lethal (pupae); rough eyesRough eyes
BID.3ALethal (embryo/larvae)Rough eyes
BID.3BLethal (embryo/larvae)Rough eyes
BID.3CViableMild rough eyes
BID.4AViable; rough eyesRough eyes
BID.4BViableMild rough eyes
  • The BID transgene is under GAL4 UAS control. Six independent fly lines were generated and tested by crossing to GAL4-producing driver lines. Line names indicate the chromosome that the transgene is on followed by a letter for each independent insertion found; each line has a single insert. da-GAL4: GAL4 protein produced under control of the daughterless promoter, ubiquitous expression. ey-GAL4: GAL4 protein produced under control of the eyeless promoter, eye imaginal disc expression. The phenotypes correlate with the level of BID expression, as determined by semiquantitative Western blots.