Defects in the mating steps of mutant males

Latencya (min)Ventral turningb
rax-1(bx126), bxIs14him-56461301046
rax-1(bx132), bxIs14him-575420021
rax-4(bx139), bxIs14him-565537218
rax-3(bx133), bxIs14him-5124044010
rax-3(bx138), bxIs14him-558373222
rax-5(bx137), bxIs14him-5484741142
rax-5(bx140), bxIs14him-512221602
sax-2(bx130), bxIs14him-584232120
  • a Latency is a measure of the time required for a tester male to find a hermaphrodite and pause to press its ventral side against the surface of hermaphrodite and initiate backing up to search for the vulva. >10 means that animal was not observed to stop during 10-min observation period.

  • b The total number of turns executed by all tester males (n = 16 for each genotype) during the 10-min observation period is shown.