Mapping results of newly isolated mutants

Genes (alleles)Genetic locationMapping data
rax-1(bx126, bx132)V(−20–−18)rax-1 is covered by deficiency sDf 56 (−20–−18)
rax-2(bx131)III (−0.59–−0.64)dpy-17rax-2 (6/7) non-unc-36; non-dpy-17 rax-2 unc-36 (1/6)
rax-3(bx133, bx138)IND
rax-4(bx139)I (0.27–0.92)dpy-5rax-4 (2/23) non-unc-29; non-dpy-5 rax-4 unc-29 (15/21)
rax-5(bx137)IIComplements mab-20(ev574)II
rax-6(bx140)IVComplements mab-26(bx80)IV
unc-27(bx124, bx127)X (0.44–0.48)dpy-6 unc-27 (37/148) non-unc-115; non-dpy-6 unc-27 unc-115 (83/114); fail to complement unc-27(e155)
sax-2(bx130)III (−2.14)dpy-17sax-2 (2/56) non-unc-36; non-dpy-17 sax-2 unc-36 (51/51); fail to complement sax-2(ky216)
  • ND, not determined.