Inferred selection coefficients for domesticated and natural systems

SystemsSweep size(kb)Reference
Domesticated systems
    O. sativa Wxa4.59∼250This study
    O. sativa Wxb4.24∼250This study
    Z. mays Y11.2>600Palaisa et al. (2004)
    Z. mays tb10.05∼60–90Wang et al. (1999); Clark et al. (2004)
Natural systems
    Drosphila melanogaster Sod0.02–0.103∼41–54Saez et al. (2003)
    D. simulans Cyp6g10.022∼100Schlenke and Begun (2004)
    P. falciparum pfcrt0.1–0.7>200Wootton et al. (2002)
    P. falciparum dhfr0.1∼100Nair et al. (2003)
  • a Estimate from wx crossover frequency.

  • b Estimate from population recombination parameter (C = 2Nec).