Interactions of new mutations with the class C synMuv mutation trr-1(n3712)

% animals with P8.p vulval fate
+0 (many)13 (89)a
New mutationlin-65(n3441)0 (35)45 (31)
lin(n3628)0 (37)4.2 (24)
mep-1(n3703)2.5 (40)Letb
ark-1(n3701)0 (33)13 (24)
gap-1(ga133)3.1 (32)37 (38)
sli-1(n3538)0 (25)32 (37)
Class Alin-15A(n767)0 (24)28 (54)
lin-38(n751)0 (27)36 (14)
Class Blin-15B(n744)0 (20)a50 (38)a
lin-35(n745)0 (48)a64 (41)a
  • Double-mutant strains were constructed as described in materials and methods. mep-1(n3703) homozygotes were recognized as the non-Unc progeny of mep-1(n3703)/nT1 n754 heterozygous parents or the sterile progeny of mep-1(n3703)/dpy-20(e1282) unc-30(e191) heterozygous parents. trr-1(n3712) homozygotes were recognized as the non-Gfp progeny of trr-1(n3712)/mIn1[dpy-10(e128) mIs14] heterozygous parents.

  • a These data are from Table 1 of Ceol and Horvitz (2004).

  • b We interpret this synthetic lethality as indicating redundancy between mep-1 and trr-1.