Deficiency heterozygote mapping

GeneGenotype of heterozygotePhenotype of heterozygote
mep-1mep-1/sDf63 unc-31; lin-15A(n767)/+Pvl Ste
mep-1/sDf62 unc-31; lin-15A(n767)/+Pvl Ste
mep-1/sDf10; lin-15A(n767)/+WT
trr-1rol-6 trr-1/mnDf57; lin-15A(n767)WT
rol-6 trr-1/unc-4 mnDf90; lin-15A(n767)WT
rol-6 trr-1/mnDf29; lin-15A(n767)WT
trr-1/unc-4 mnDf87; lin-15A(n767)Muv
  • Deficiency heterozygotes were constructed as described in materials and methods. WT, wild type; Pvl, protruding vulva; Ste, sterile.