Plasmids used in this study

pSMA111PGAL10-GIN11 URA3 CEN6Kawahata et al. (1999)
pRS316-PGAL7-LacZPGAL7-LacZ URA3 CEN6This study
pRS314TRP1 CEN6Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
pRS314-BNI1 (pKY1226)BNI1 TRP1 CEN6Kadota et al. (2004)
pRS314-bni1-116 (pKT1426)bni1-116 TRP1 CEN6This study
pRS314-bni1(D1511G) (pKT1427)bni1(D1511G) TRP1 CEN6This study
pRS314-bni1-FH2#1 (pKT1428)bni1-FH2#1 TRP1 CEN6This study
pRS314-BNI1(Δ6-642) (pKT1419)BNI1(Δ6-642) TRP1 CEN6This study
pRS314-BNI1(Δ826-986) (pKT1421)BNI1(Δ826-986) TRP1 CEN6Kadota et al. (2004)
pRS314-BNI1(1−1750) (pKT1422)BNI1(1−1750) TRP1 CEN6Kadota et al. (2004)
pRS314-BNI1(Δ1228-1414) (pKT1423)BNI1(Δ1228-1414) TRP1 CEN6Kadota et al. (2004)
pRS314-BNI1(Δ1553-1646) (pKT1424)BNI1(Δ1553-1646) TRP1 CEN6Kadota et al. (2004)
pRS316-PGAL1-HAPGAL1-HA URA3 CEN6Kamei et al. (1998)
pRS316-PGAL1-HA-BNI1(1227-1953) (pKT1605)PGAL1-HA-BNI1(1227-1953) URA3 CEN6This study
pBTM116-HADBDLexAa-HA TRP1 2 μmImamura et al. (1997)
pBTM116-HA-PFY1DBDLexA-HA-PFY1 TRP1 2 μmGift from Y. Takai
pBTM116-HA-BUD6(221-788) (pKT1571)DBDLexA-HA-BUD6(221-788) TRP1 2 μmThis study
pBTM116-HA-BNI1(1227-1953) (pKT1572)DBDLexA-HA- BNI1(1227-1953) TRP1 2 μmThis study
pBTM116-HA-BNI1(1227-1750) (pKT1573)DBDLexA-HA-BNI1(1227-1750) TRP1 2 μmThis study
pACTII-HKADGAL4a LEU2 2 μmOzaki et al. (1996)
pACTII-HK-ACT1 (pKT1574)ADGAL4-ACT1 LEU2 2 μmThis study
pACTII-HK-ACT1-301 (pKT1575)ADGAL4-act1-301 LEU2 2 μmThis study
pRS313-sla2Δ33-359 (pDD367)sla2Δ33-359 HIS3 CEN6Yang et al. (1999)
pRS313-sla2Δ33-501 (pDD364)sla2Δ33-501 HIS3 CEN6Yang et al. (1999)
pRS313-sla2Δ33-750 (pDD362)sla2Δ33-750 HIS3 CEN6Yang et al. (1999)
pRS313-sla2Δ360-575 (pDD371)sla2Δ360-575 HIS3 CEN6Yang et al. (1999)
pRS316URA3 TRP1Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
pRS316-ACT1 (pKT1412)ACT1 URA3 CEN6This study
pRS316-ACT1-301 (pKT1576)act1-301 URA3 CEN6This study
pRS316-BNI1 (pKT1227)BNI1 URA3 CEN6Kadota et al. (2004)
pRS305LEU2Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
pRS305-PGAL1-HA-BNI1(1227-1953) (pKT1606)PGAL1-HA-BNI1(1227-1953) LEU2This study
  • a DBDLexA and ADGAL4 are the DNA-binding domain of LexA and the transcriptional activating domain of Gal4p, respectively.