S. cerevisiae strains used in this study

StrainaGenotypeReference or source
L40MATa lys2-801 his3Δ-200 trp1-901 leu2-3,112 ade2 LYS2∷(lexAop)4-HIS3 URA3∷(lexAop)8-lacZHollenberg et al. (1995)
DDY311MATα act1-2 his4-619 ura3-52Shortle et al. (1984)
DDY334MATα act1-4 ura3-52 ade2-101(am)Dunn and Shortle (1990)
DDY335MATα act1-3 tub2-201(benR) his3Δ200 leu2-3,112 ura3-52Shortle et al. (1984)
DDY338MATa act1-101∷HIS3 tub2-201(benR) can1-1 cry1 ura3-52 leu2-3,112 his3Δ200Wertman et al. (1992)
DDY346MATa act1-119∷HIS3 tub2-201(benR) cry1 ura3-52 leu2-3,112 his3Δ200 ade2-101(am)Wertman et al. (1992)
DDY347MATa act1-120∷HIS3 tub2-201(benR) can1-1 cry1 ura3-52 leu2-3,112 his3Δ200Wertman et al. (1992)
DDY349MATα act1-124∷HIS3 tub2-201(benR) ura3-52 leu2-3,112 his3Δ200Wertman et al. (1992)
DDY350MATα act1-125∷HIS3 tub2-201(benR) ura3-52 leu2-3,112 his3Δ200Wertman et al. (1992)
DDY1024MATa pfy1-116∷LEU2 his3Δ-200 leu2-3,112 lys2-801 ura3-52 ade3 ade2-101Gift from D. Drubin
DDY1492MATα act1-159∷HIS3 tub2-201(benR) leu2-3,112 ura3-52 ade2? ade4Belmont and Drubin (1998)
DDY1960MATa las17-11∷LEU2 his3Δ-200 leu2-3,112 lys2-801 ura3-52 ade2-101Gift from D. Drubin
YEF473MATaura3-52/ura3-52 his3Δ-200/his3Δ-200 trp1Δ-63/trp1Δ-63 leu2Δ-1/leu2Δ-1 lys2-801/lys2-801Longtine et al. (1998)
YKT38aMATa ura3-52 his3Δ-200 trp1Δ-63 leu2Δ-1 lys2-801Mochida et al. (2002)
YKT380MATa HIS3∷PGAL1-3HA-BNI1Δ1-1226(PGAL1-BNI1ΔN)This study
YKT967MATa HIS3∷PGAL1-BNI1ΔN act1-301This study
YKT846MATα HIS3∷PGAL1-BNI1ΔN sla2-82This study
YKT542MATα HIS3∷PGAL1-3HA-BNR1Δ1-755(PGAL1-BNR1ΔN)This study
YKT991MATa HIS3∷PGAL1-BNR1ΔN act1-301This study
YKT992MATa HIS3∷PGAL1-BNR1ΔN sla2-82This study
YKT1091MATaHIS3∷PGAL1-BNI1ΔN/BNI1 act1-301∷HphMX4/act1-301∷HphMX4This study
YKT1092MATaHIS3∷PGAL1-BNI1ΔN/BNI1 sla2-82/sla2-82This study
YKT986MATa act1-301This study
YKT847MATa sla2-82This study
YKT446MATa bni1Δ∷HphMX4This study
YKT968MATa bni1Δ∷HphMX4 act1-301This study
YKT853MATa bni1Δ∷HIS3MX6 sla2-82This study
YKT662MATa MYO2-GFP∷TRP1This study
YKT1058MATa act1-301∷HphMX4 MYO2-GFP∷TRP1This study
YKT1057MATa bni1-116 MYO2-GFP∷TRP1This study
YKT1060MATa act1-301∷HphMX4 bni1-116 MYO2-GFP∷TRP1This study
YKT977MATa pfy1-116∷LEU2This study
YKT988MATa act1-301 pfy1-116∷LEU2This study
YKT616MATa bud6Δ∷kanMX6This study
YKT990MATa act1-301 bud6Δ∷kanMX6This study
YKT1089MATa sla2-82∷KanMX6 bud6Δ∷HIS3This study
YKT1090MATa sla2-82∷KanMX6 pfy1-116∷LEU2This study
YKT1059MATa sla2-82∷KanMX6 MYO2-GFP∷TRP1This study
YKT1061MATa sla2-82∷KanMX6 bni1-116 MYO2-GFP∷TRP1This study
YKT979MATα HIS3∷PGAL1-BNI1ΔN arp2-2∷URA3This study
YKT980MATα HIS3∷PGAL1-BNI1ΔN end3Δ∷HphMX4This study
YKT981MATα HIS3∷PGAL1-BNI1ΔN las17-11∷LEU2This study
YKT414MATa HIS3∷PGAL1-3HA-BNI1This study
YKT984MATa HIS3∷PGAL1-3HA-BNI1 mti1Δ∷KanMX6This study
YKT189MATa mti1Δ∷KanMX6This study
YKT680MATa vrp1Δ∷KanMX6This study
YKT982MATa bni1Δ∷HphMX4 vrp1Δ∷KanMX6This study
YKT983MATa mti1Δ∷HIS3MX6 vrp1Δ∷KanMX6This study
YKT859MATa sla2Δ502-968-3HA∷TRP1This study
YKT861MATa sla2Δ768-968-3HA∷TRP1This study
YKT186MATa sla2-Δ1∷URA3This study
YKT1159MATa sla2-Δ1∷URA3 LEU2∷ PGAL1-BNI1ΔNThis study
  • a YKT strains are isogenic derivatives of YEF473.