DNA diversity at C. disseminatus loci

CDA1 (exons)9186310240.371 (0.010)
CDA2 (exons)915242130.222 (0.009)
CDB1 (exons)419419480.475 (0.015)
CDB2 (exons)416689200.565 (0.016)
PAB149540250.007 (0.002)
GLYDH49617550.011 (0.002)
MIP49564840.024 (0.003)
CDHHa30172190.021 (0.006)
CDRFb496731210.027 (0.003)
YPL10949611180.004 (0.001)
RPB249611120.002 (0.001)
CDSTE3.19572230.010 (0.002)
CDSTE3.2114751120.085 (0.008)
CDSTE3.314569130.005 (0.001)
CDPHB1920160.011 (0.004)
  • n, number of monokaryotic samples sequenced; N, number of aligned base pairs; S, number of segregating sites; π, nucleotide diversity or the average number of pairwise differences per site (using Jukes–Cantor correction). Nucleotide diversities are followed by standard errors in parentheses estimated using 500 bootstrap replicates (Kumar et al. 2004).

  • a Noncoding region in between the Aα and Aβ subloci.

  • b Noncoding region flanking the Aβ sublocus, see Figure 4.