Least-squares mean absolute difference (centimorgans) of QTL position estimates obtained by regression-based methods and by the IBD method using different haplotype sizes under the default scenario

Regression-based methodsIBD method: no. of markers used
Marker spacing (cM)SL-20HAP46
  • The mean absolute difference of the QTL position estimate from its true position for the IBD mapping method and regression-based methods (SL-20, regression on a single marker with 20 markers in the chromosomal region; HAP, regression on a two-locus haplotype with 10 markers in the chromosomal region) used in populations created under the default scenario is shown. The QTL is located in the center of the chromosomal region. For a given marker spacing, least-squares means with different superscripts (a, b, c) are significantly different (P < 0.05).