Significant and suggestive QTL for atherosclerotic lesions, plasma LDL/VLDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglyceride, and body weight identified in the B6.apoE−/− and C3H.apoE−/− intercross

Chromosome marker(cM)aSIΔ (cM)cVariance (%)dModel of inheritanceeOverlapping QTLf
D1mit270(92.3)LDL/VLDL6.388–97320.00001AdditiveCq2, Hdlq15Machleder et al. (1997)
D5mit95(68)LDL/VLDL2.251–8140.00604Dominant/B6Unnamed QTLMachleder et al. (1997)
D9mit115(56)LDL/VLDL2.551–6550.00323Dominant/C3HCq4, Cq5Suto et al. (2003)
D1mit270(92.3)HDL3.081–105200.00110AdditiveHdlq15Machleder et al. (1997)
D3mit42(58.8)HDL2.350–6750.00282Dominant/B6Unnamed QTLMehrabian et al. (2000)
D1mit270(92.3)Triglyceride3.878–97130.00642Dominant/C3HCq2Suto et al. (1999)
D8mit41(41)Triglyceride3.233–51100.00067Dominant/B6Tgq2Shike et al. (2001)
D1mit425(81.6)Weight9.074–87400.00001Dominant/C3HBW17Anunciado et al. (2000)
D1mit206(95.8)Weight8.388–101340.00060Dominant/C3HBW8q1Zhang et al. (2003)
D4mit251(66)Weight2.739–66150.00217AdditiveBW7Brockmann et al. (2000)
D14mit185(54)Weight2.244–6140.00726AdditiveBwnd2wk7Brockmann et al. (2004)
D17mit180(29.4)Weight3.419–3570.00039Dominant/C3HWt3q3Moody et al. (1999)
  • a From Mouse Genome Informatics database at

  • b LOD scores were derived by dividing the LRS by 4.6. Suggestive QTL LOD ≥ 2.3 and significant QTL LOD ≥ 3.3 for lesion size; suggestive QTL LOD ≥ 2.3 and significant QTL LOD ≥ 3.4 for LDL/VLDL; suggestive QTL LOD ≥ 2.3 and significant QTL LOD ≥ 3.3 for HDL-C; suggestive QTL LOD ≥ 2.3 and significant QTL LOD ≥ 3.2 for triglyceride; suggestive QTL LOD ≥ 2.4 and significant QTL LOD ≥ 3.4 for body weight as defined by 1000 permutation tests. The significant loci are underlined to easily distinguish them from suggestive loci.

  • c SI, support intervals, were defined by a 1-unit decrease in LOD score on either side of the peak marker.

  • d Variance (%) indicates the percentage of the total phenotypic variance detected in the F2 cohort with which each marker showing linkage was associated.

  • e Model of inheritance was determined using the MapManager QT program.

  • f Overlapping QTL identified in previous studies.