Large classes of genes where more duplicated pairs are found in S. castellii than in S. cerevisiae

Gene classFunctionDuplicated genes
CDCCell division cycleCDC14, CDC19a, CDC25a, CDC34, CDC48, CDC50a, CDC55
CLNG1 and B type cyclinCLN2a, CLN3, CLB2a, CLB3a, CLB5a
ECMExtracellular matrixECM4, ECM18a, ECM21a, ECM33a
ERVER vesicleERV1, ERV2, ERV25, ERV29, ERV41, ERV46
GALGalactose utilizationGAL1a, GAL4, GAL7, GAL11, GAL80, GAL83a
GRXGlutathione reductaseGRX1a, GRX3a, GRX5
PCLPho85 cyclinPCL1, PCL2a, PCL5, PCL6a, PCL8a
PHOPhosphate regulationPHO84, PHO87a, PHO88
SECSecretorySEC4, SEC9, SEC12, SEC24a
STBSin3 bindingSTB3, STB5, STB6a
VPSVacuolar protein sortingVPS5a, VPS35, VPS62a, VPS64a, VPS73, VPS74
  • a Genes that are also duplicated in S. cerevisiae.