Sporulation efficiency of the truncated zds1 gene

PlasmidSporulation rate (%)
pSLF172L GFP(S65A)0.3
pSLF172L Zds1–GFP5.8
pSLF172L Zds1(1–179)–GFP0.7
pSLF172L Zds1(1–226)–GFP0.4
pSLF172L Zds1(1–567)–GFP0.3
pSLF172L Zds1(1–669)–GFP0.4
pSLF172L Zds1(1–817)–GFP0.3
pSLF172L Zds1(194–938)–GFP21.9
pSLF172L Zds1(239–938)–GFP11.8
pSLF172L Zds1(573–938)–GFP17.9
pSLF172L Zds1(682–938)–GFP7.0
pSLF172L Zds1(194–817)–GFP0.7
pSLF172L Zds1(239–567)–GFP0.7
pSLF172L Zds1(682–817)–GFP0.4
  • SPRN1DA (ras1/ras1) was transformed with the above plasmids, streaked onto SPA plate, and grown at 30° for 2 days. About 1000 cells were counted under the microscope.