Summary of the data and estimates from the strong purifying selection model

EstimateEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageKAKSEmbedded ImagecnPa
Weighted0.086 (0.041/0.136)0.502 (0.340/0.710)0.294 (0.196/0.400)2.86 (2.02/3.43)2.11 (1.28/2.80)23.0 (20.4/24.9)5.41 (2.84/Embedded Image)8.79 (3.91/16.5)3.99 (−123/57.5)
Unweighted0.088 (0.044/0.141)0.478 (0.342/0.626)0.206 (0.124/0.300)2.73 (2.31/3.14)2.48 (1.30/3.76)22.2 (19.9/24.8)3.58 (1.80/29.8)5.24 (0.923/10.3)52.9 (−28.9/93.3)
  • All values except for Embedded Image are expressed as percentages. An “infinite” value of Embedded Image corresponds to a zero or negative denominator of Equation 3b. Values in parentheses give the approximate lower and upper fifth percentiles from 1000 bootstrap replicates (see text for details). Embedded Image is the nonsynonymous diversity for species i (i = 1 for D. miranda and 2 for D. pseudoobscura), Embedded Image is the silent diversity for species i, KA and KS are the nonsynonymous and silent divergences between D. miranda and D. affinis, cn is the fraction of completely neutral mutations, and Pa is the proportion of adaptive nonsynonymous mutations.