Family structure of the granddaughter design used in the study

SireOriginBirth dateFatherNo. of sons
1200MAS program19902010a46
1351MAS program1982353820
2010QTL program1983353864
3517QTL program1981353866
3518QTL program1983353867
3519QTL program1984353855
3532MAS program1982353836
3533MAS program1982353867
3534MAS program1981353824
3535MAS program198642
3536MAS program199144
3537MAS program197343
3538MAS program197427
3539QTL program1979131
3540QTL program1980169
3541QTL program198184
3542QTL program1983182
3543QTL program1985134
3544MAS program1986353997
3545MAS program1986353954
3546MAS program1989a58
Total 1510
  • Each half-sib family is named by the name of the sire. Size (number of progeny-tested sons) and origin (families from the initial design-named QTL program and families originating from the MAS program) are also indicated. The name of the father of the sire is indicated when it is included as a sire in the granddaughter design.

  • a Sire 3538 is a grandfather (maternal or paternal) of the corresponding sons.