Crosses used to determine the correction factors for reproductive performance in interspecific and intersubspecific crosses

Type of crossDamSireAverage litter sizeaSDNo. of littersReferences
Intersubspecific(C57BL/6 × CASP)F1CASP7.31.209Zhao et al. (2002)
(C57BL/6 × MOM)F1C57BL/66.31.6611Zhao et al. (2002)
(C57BL/6 × MOM)F1MOM7.11.7312Zhao et al. (2002)
(CAST × C57BL/6)F1C57BL/68.271.5766This study
C57BL/6(C57BL/6 × CASP)F17.91.4413Zhao et al. (2002)
C57BL/6(C57BL/6 × MOM)F17.32.7115Zhao et al. (2002)
C3H(C3H × MOM)F181.327Zhao et al. (2002)
Subtotal7.45 (1.29)
Hybrid(C57BL/6 × SKIVE)F1C57BL/68.741.7939This study
Subtotal8.74 (1.09)
Intrasubspecific(PERA × C57BL/6)F1C57BL/69.90.9411This study
(C57BL/6 × PERA)F1C57BL/610.041.95104This study
(C57BL/6 × PERC)F1C57BL/68.92.3350This study
Subtotal9.61 (1)
  • a The correction factors for interspecific and hybrid crosses are the ratio between the average litter size in intrasubspecific crosses and the average litter size in intersubspecific and hybrid crosses, respectively, and are shown in parentheses.