Number and mean PEV values of QTL detected in Q. robur and C. sativa, respectively, are reported for each homeologous linkage group pair

Bud burst
QTL no.1-13-30-02-11-12-02-10-02-33-02-21-2
PEV (%)10.1-8.88.4-9.10.0-0.07.0-8.54.8-10.38.0-0.08.7-6.70.0-0.05.4-9.07.4-0.08.2-7.65.3-7.1
Carbon isotope discrimination
QTL no.0-11-10-10-00-11-00-01-01-00-13-30-0
PEV (%)0.0-7.312.7-12.20.0-8.80.0-0.00.0-10.14.4-0.00.0-0.015.8-0.04.9-0.00.0-10.426.0-8.70.0-0.0
Height growth
QTL no.0-00-32-10-11-01-10-00-10-06-22-00-0
PEV (%)0.0-0.00.0-9.010.3-17.00.0-9.66.7-0.06.4-11.50.0-0.00.0-11.80.0-0.014.1-7.67.1-0.00.0-0.0
  • Average PEV value among QTL for the same trait mapped on the same linkage group for each species is shown. In the column headings, the first number corresponds to the average value of Quercus, and the second corresponds to the average value of Castanea. Q, Quercus; C, Castanea.