Significant QTL identified in maize/teosinte hybrid populations

TraitGroupPositionNear markerLODCutoffAdd.r2
  • Traits: BLN, blank vegetative nodes between uppermost lateral branch and tassel; sRNK, ear rank of terminal ear of second branch from top (below uppermost); Position, position in centimorgans of center of QTL peak on linkage map generated for SSR markers; near marker, closest genetic marker; LOD, LOD score of QTL; cutoff, significance established by 1000 permutations of the data for each trait; Add, additive QTL effect. T1W marker locations: umc1165, 0cM; zfl2, 27.4 cM; mmc0231, 32.5 cM; bnlg1175, 50.3 cM. T2W marker locations: umc1227, 0 cM; zfl2, 19.5 cM; mmc0231, 31.4 cM; umc1026, 48.3 cM.