Distribution of mtDNA mutations by recurrence

Length in base pairs8812251314864212a
No. of observed substitutions (per site)413 (0.047)173 (0.069)110 (0.074)1037 (0.246)
Transition/transversion ratio12.423.712.834.8b
Invariable sites8506240414093427
Sites with single hit2418057617
Sites with one recurrent hit472112111
Sites with two recurrent hits92440
Sites with three recurrent hits30312
Sites with four or more recurrent hits6615
No. of variable sites (proportion)306 (0.035)109 (0.043)77 (0.052)785 (0.186)
  • a Includes 2039 sites that are allowed to carry synonymous transversions.

  • b Effectively, Ts/Tv = 16.8, when taking into account the number of sites that are allowed to vary.