ANOVAs for nuclear–mtDNA interactions in longevity

Females: Crete, sm21, sm38
    Nuclear × mtDNA127327.53125.78<0.0001
Females: FTF, sm21, sm38
    Nuclear × mtDNA14903.1121.35<0.0001
All females
    Nuclear × mtDNA327239.2061.36<0.0001
Males: Crete, sm21, sm38
    Nuclear × mtDNA117435.89123.68<0.0001
Males: FTF, sm21, sm38
    Nuclear × mtDNA11888.2310.670.0011
All males
    Nuclear × mtDNA321799.1445.60<0.0001
  • Nuclear refers to the two reciprocal crosses between pairs of strains carrying alternative mtDNAs. mtDNA refers to D. melanogaster (Crete 10 or FTF 100) or D. simulans mtDNA (carried in two mtDNA introgression strains with D. melanogaster Oregon-R chromosomes and D. simulans siII mtDNA; sm21 or sm38). Three different comparisons are made: one D. melanogaster strain crossed to both D. simulans mtDNA introgression strains (e.g., Crete with sm21 or sm38), and both D. melanogaster wild lines with both introgression strains (e.g., All Females). SSQ, sum of squares. See materials and methods and results for details.