Results of marginally significant single-marker association tests under the additive and arbitrary dominance ANOVA models

SiteaLocationbMAFcSexTraitNdFdPda (SE a)ed (SE d)f
Additive model
A5891Cmγ silent0.37MSBN8386.740.0096−0.28 (0.11)NA
G6121Tmγ 3′-UTR0.28MSBN8487.740.0055−0.32 (0.11)NA
del9384inIntergenic NC0.32MABN9158.560.0035−0.34 (0.12)NA
in22062delIntergenic NC0.24MABN8907.460.0064−0.34 (0.13)NA
A39349Cm6 3′-UTR0.23FSBN9867.780.0054−0.33 (0.12)NA
Arbitrary dominance model
in8017delIntergenic NC0.20FSBN9844.670.00960.57 (0.19)0.45 (0.23)
T26864AIntergenic NC0.42FSBN9325.150.0060−0.05 (0.11)−0.47 (0.15)
G31458AIntergenic NC0.23FABN9465.120.0062−0.45 (0.19)−0.75 (0.24)
A39349Cm6 3′-UTR0.23FSBN9864.760.0087−0.18 (0.16)0.26 (0.20)
in42049delIntergenic CON0.11MABN9465.720.00340.85 (0.25)0.83 (0.30)
  • NA, not applicable.

  • a The name of the site is given as its position in the 47,677-bp alignment of 16 E(spl)-C alleles, prefixed by the major allele at the site and suffixed by the minor allele.

  • b The location of the site in the E(spl)-C: silent, a synonymous change; UTR, in an untranslated region; intergenic NC, nonconserved intergenic sequence; intergenic CON, conserved intergenic sequence.

  • c Minor allele frequency.

  • d The sample size (N) used in the ANOVA and the resulting F-statistic (F) and P-value (P).

  • e The additive effect of the site (a) and its standard error (SE a), where a is the effect on bristle number of substituting a common allele for a rare allele (i.e., aa to Aa or Aa to AA).

  • f The dominance effect of the site (d) and its standard error (SE d), where d is the effect of the heterozygote.