Gene conversion tracts detected with the Betrán et al. (1997) approach

GeneSourceRecipientSitesStrain(s)Popn.ψlLocInversion Len (Mb)
enCHPP3551DM0.007204I4.9 (2.6)
enPPCH3551DM0.007137I4.9 (2.6)
enSTCH3372KB, DM0.0045P
Mef 2STTL3541MSH0.013163I6.0 (1.1)
Amy 1CHST4222JR0.01183I4.9 (2.1)
Amy 1STCH4222JR, KB0.01173I4.9 (2.1)
vgCHPP4322JR0.059153I1.9 (0.9)
vgPPCH4321KB0.059354I1.9 (0.9)
vgTLPP4331DM0.036153I6.1 (1.0)
vgTLPP4331DM0.036263I6.1 (1.0)
vgPPTL4331MSH0.0362I6.1 (1.0)
vgCHST4432JR0.049112I1.8 (0.8)
vgSTCH4431KB0.049426I1.8 (0.8)
vgCHTL4391MSH0.02654I1.9 (1.1)
F6PPAR4313JR, KB, DM0.00215D
F6ARCH4312JR0.01914I1.5 (0.7)
F6TLAR4311KB0.015116I2.4 (0.7)
F6TLAR4312KB, DM0.01573I2.4 (0.7)
F6TLAR4311KB0.01525I2.4 (0.7)
F6CHPP4311JR0.019243I1.4 (0.6)
F6PPCH4312JR0.01914I1.4 (0.6)
  • Gene, gene where gene conversion tract was detected; Strain(s), recipient strains with the observed conversion tract; Sites, number of aligned nucleotide sites excluding gaps; Strains, number of recipient strains with the conversion tract; Popn., populations where the recipient strains were collected; ψ, probability of a nucleotide site being informative of a conversion tract; l, observed conversion tract length in nucleotides; Loc, exchange event is in a noninverted proximal segment (P), noninverted distal segment (D), or within an inverted region (I); Inversion Len, length of the inverted region in Mb where the conversion was detected and the distance to the nearest breakpoint given in parentheses.