Differential suppression of a gpa2 deletion by cgs2-s1 and cgs2-2

StrainGenotypeβ-Galactosidase repressed
LWP99gpa2+ cgs2+7 ± 1
CHP863gpa2∷his3+ cgs2+1351 ± 48
LWP181gpa2∷ura4+ cgs2+1221 ± 55
CHP733gpa2+ cgs2-s14 ± 0
LWP96gpa2+ cgs2-27 ± 1
LWP191gpa2∷ura4+ cgs2-s1482 ± 71
LWP98gpa2∷his3+ cgs2-210 ± 1
  • β-Galactosidase activity was determined from three independent cultures as described in materials and methods. The average ±SE represents specific activity per milligram of soluble protein. The gpa2∷ura4+ disruption allele was previously described (Isshiki et al. 1992), while the gpa2∷his3+ allele was created by the nonhomologous integration of plasmid pAF1 into codon 329 of the 354-codon open reading frame (Hoffman and Welton 2000).