Estimates of the population recombination parameter ρ

RegionρPAC (90% C.I.)aρClbfcHotspotsd
11.76 (0.69, 4.51)3.0401E/1F; λ = 5.7
21.11 (0.22, 4.16)1.565eNone
30.63 (0.19, 1.88)1.310None
47.53 (3.26,18.15)16.080Within 4B; λ = 6.4
53.15 (1.04, 9.29)6.141None
64.03 (0.95,14.87)2.500None
  • a The median value (of 1000 iterations) of ρ as estimated by the method of Li and Stephens (2003) × 10−4; the 90% C.I. reports the 5th and 95th percentiles of the sampled values of ρ.

  • b ρ as estimated by the method of Hudson (2001) × 10−4.

  • c The ratio of gene conversion to recombination as estimated by the method of Hudson (2001), assuming a tract length of 300 bp.

  • d Intervals (within or between subregions) for which the rate of recombination is higher than the background rate for this region; λ is the ratio of ρ for this interval to ρ for the region as a whole (see text).

  • e See text for a discussion of these results for region 2.