Correlations between diversity levels (θsil) and estimates of recombination rate

Speciesθsilvs. RNθsilvs. γθsilvs. ρ
L. peruvianum0.471 (0.089)0.617 (0.077)0.600 (0.088)
L. chilense0.198 (0.498)0.050 (0.898)0.267 (0.488)
L. hirsutum0.528 (0.052)0.567 (0.112)0.617 (0.077)
  • All values represent Spearman's coefficient of rank correlation; P-values (two-tailed) follow in parentheses. All 14 loci were used for the analyses involving the sequence-independent estimate of recombination, RN. Our ρ and γ estimates were obtained from L. peruvianum sequences, and the correlation analyses shown are based on the 9 loci with experimentally established haplotype phase (see text).