Summary of multilocus neutrality tests

SpeciesTajima's DallTajima's DsilFu and Li's DHKAallHKAsil
L. peruvianum−0.37 (−0.35)−0.39 (−0.34)−0.530.990.98
L. chilense0.58* (0.84)***0.60* (0.88)***0.83*0.02*0.01*
L. hirsutum0.24 (0.35)0.32 (0.42)*0.56*0.04*0.02*
L. pimpinellifolium0.18 (0.08)−0.01 (−0.07)0.250.004**0.004**
L. chmielewskii−0.15 (−0.13)−0.003 (0.002)−0.044
  • Tajima's Dall (based on all sites) and Dsil (based on silent sites) values are averages across the 9 new loci, followed by the mean values using all 14 loci in parentheses (i.e., including Sucr, CT208, CT251, CT268, and CT143 from Baudry et al. 2001). Average Tajima's Dsil values based on 13 loci (without CT189) in the three SI species were presented by Städler et al. (2005). Analyses in the other three columns are based on the 11 loci for which an outgroup sequence is available (Sucr, CT093, CT189, CT251, CT099, CT066, CT166, CT179, CT198, CT268, and CT143). Numbers in the HKA columns are probability values from the χ2 distribution with 10 d.f.; L. chmielewskii harbors too few polymorphisms for these analyses. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001 (one-tailed tests).