Chromosome location, putative function, and recombination rate (RN) of sequenced loci

LocusChromosomeLength (bp)Putative encoded proteinRNb (×10−8)
Sucra31575Vacuolar invertase0.00
CT208a91767Alcohol dehydrogenase, class III0.00
CT09351415S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase proenzyme0.00
CT11471169Phospho-glycerate kinase0.00
CT18912146340S ribosomal protein S190.35
CT251a21779At5g37260 gene0.46
CT066101346Arginine decarboxylase0.93
CT16622673Ferredoxin-NADP reductase1.61
CT1793995Tonoplast intrinsic protein Δ-type1.97
CT14881497Copper/zinc superoxide dismutase2.00
CT1989779Submergence induced protein 2-like2.10
CT268a11887Receptor-like protein kinase2.33
CT143a91821Sterol C-14 reductase2.73
  • Except for Sucr (sucrose accumulator gene), locus designations refer to particular EST sequences that have been integrated into longer “tentative contigs” in the TIGR Tomato Gene Index ( The length per locus is given across the total alignment of all five tomato species (without outgroup), including indels.

  • a From Baudry et al. (2001).

  • b Derived from Stephan and Langley (1998); recombination rate per site per generation.