Likelihood-ratio tests of molecular clock for a putative seed maturation protein, an ATP-dependent metalloprotease, and a hydroxylase

GeneSubstitution modelaLd.f.P-value
SMP first and second positionK80 + G4.60750.466
SMP third positionHKY11.62050.040
SMP all three positionsHKY + G3.06250.690
ADM first and second positionTrN + G355.5594<0.01
ADM third positionHKY + G14.18640.007
ADM all positionsTrN + G27.0974<0.01
ADM first positionGTR + G6.89440.486
ADM second positionTrN + G29.6004<0.01
HX first positionHKY + G12.86340.012
HX second positionHKY + G5.39740.249
HX third positionHKY + G5.15540.272
HX first and second positionHKY + G7.72140.102
HX all positionsHKY + G7.80940.099
  • SMP, seed maturation protein; ADM, ATP-dependent metalloprotease; HX, hydroxylase.

  • a K80 is the Kimura-2-parameter model (Kimura 1980), HKY is the Hasegawa, Kishino, Yano model (Hasegawa et al. 1985), TrN is the Tamura-Nei model (Tamura and Nei 1993), GTR is the general time reversible model (Rodriguez et al. 1990), and +G stands for rate variation among sites.