Rescue of Lamin C lethality: Hsp70-Lamin C/Y; m1/CyO × w/w; m2/CyO

No heat shockHeat shock (37°/45 min)
F1 genotype (m1/m2)Proportion of expected classTotal progeny scoredProportion of expected classTotal progeny scored
UM-8373a/EP(2)2199017125/94b (27% rescue)399
  • a UM-8373 is doubly mutant for Lamin C and tout velu.

  • b The expected rescued class (trans-heterozgous females for two different mutant Lamin C alleles) represents one-sixth of the total progeny. Note that no trans-heterozygous males could be rescued (as the transgene was X-linked), which would represent another one-sixth of the total progeny. Balanced progeny represent two-thirds of the total, and this proportion was used to estimate the theoretical total number of progeny scored assuming complete viability for both sexes. Therefore, the expected number of rescued progeny is 94 (564/6). As anticipated, 0/94 males survived and 25/94 females survived, reflecting a 27% rescue.