Floral color characteristics and sequence accession numbers for 13 Ipomoea species

SpeciesPrimary floral hueColor patternaSequence accession nos.
I. purpurea PurpleVariable intensityAY986828
I. lindheimeri Pale lavenderUniformAY986826
I. nil Intense blueUniformAY986825
I. hederacea Pale blueUniformAY986827
I. tricolor BlueVariable hueAY986824
I. alba WhiteUniformAY986823
I. coccinea RedUniformAY986829
I. quamoclit RedUniformAY986830
I. hederifolia RedUniformAY986831
I. neei RedUniformAY986832
I. lacunosa WhiteUniformAY986835
I. triloba Pale lavenderUniformAY986833
I. trifida Pale lavenderVariable intensityAY986834
  • a Variable intensity, pigmentation varies in intensity among regions of the corolla; uniform, pigmentation of uniform intensity and hue throughout the corolla; variable hue, different hues on different parts of the corolla.