Distinct sequence evolution patterns for D. melanogaster ACPs present and undetectable in D. pseudoobscura

AveragesD. pseudoobscura orthologs presentD. pseudoobscura orthologs undetectableMann-Whitney test (P-value)
Fopa D. melanogaster0.4390.3510.001
G/C3rda D. melanogaster0.5590.456<0.001
Fopa D. yakuba0.4670.371<0.001
G/C3rda D. yakuba0.5980.474<0.001
dN/dSb D. simulans0.2400.5250.002
dN/dSb D. yakuba0.2870.515<0.001
AveragesAll other predicted functional classesProtease inhibitorsMann-Whitney test (P-value)
Fopa D. melanogaster0.4760.3650.002
G/C3rda D. melanogaster0.5960.4770.009
Fopa D. yakuba0.5030.3950.007
G/C3rda D. yakuba0.6020.4980.005
dN/dSb D. simulans0.1730.4960.001
dN/dSb D. yakuba0.2350.4770.004
  • a High values are associated with codon bias for both the frequency of optimal codons (Fop) and the percentage of GC bases in the third position (G/C3rd).

  • b Nonsynonymous (dN) to synonymous (dS) nucleotide substitution ratios.