Summary of intragenic sequencing results

MutationIntragenic substitutionsAmino acid substitutionNo. of putative
G232CC144T(3), G265A(2), T367C(6)F4F, V45I, Stop79Q 3
G1132CA1310G(1), G1319A(1), G1428T(1), T2085C(1),
   G2179C(1)I104V, A107T, G143V, V362A, Q393H 7
G1423CG1428A(7), A2146T(1), G2150A(1)G143D, E382D, V384I 1
A1624TA1250G(1), G1252T(2), G1274A(1), G1428A(4),
   T1606A(1), A1623C(1), G1972T(1), T2030C(1)K84E, K84N, A92T, G143D, N202K, E208A,
   L324F, F344L 1
T1631C 2
T1757AG1178A(2), A1883G(1), T2085C(1)A60T, T295A, V362A 1
C2235T 5
G2746CA2551G(3), A2652T(1), A2753G(2), C2740T(1),
   A2854G(1)N53D, K86N, Y120C, H115Y, K154E 0
G2979AG3168T(1)G80C 2
A3054CC3016T(1), A3069G(1), A3100G(1), G3111A(3),
   G3121T(4), A3124G(1), G3132T(1)A29V, M47V, Q57R, V61I, R64L, D65G, A68S 4
T3288CG3484A(1), C3500G(1), C3511T(1), G3524T(1)R185H, D190E, A194V, M198I 0
G3326TC3190T(1), A3274G(1), C3331T(1), G3336A(1),
   C3337T(7)T87M, K115R, A134V, A136T, A136V 3
G3524CA3541G(1), A3577G(1), C3562T(1), G3636T(1),
   A3696G(2), G3708A(1), A3709G(1), A3819G(1)K204R, N216S, A211V, A236S, S256G,
   D260N, D260G, I297V 7
A5031GA4899G(1), G5042A(4)I307V, M354I 3
C5337AG55T(1), T121C(1)E487D, T509T12
  • Substitutions in italics indicate reversions of mutations that had accumulated during adaptation of 300aI (indicated by underlining) or divergence of the wild-type ancestor from the Sanger et al. (1978) genotype. The number of independent isolates for each substitution is given in parentheses.