Overrepresented biological processes in subnetworks

GroupaBiological processbProportion in
 groupc (%)Proportion in
 genomed (%)Enrichment P-valuee
1Protein biosynthesis55/123 (44.7)773/7276 (10.6)6.05E-22
2Steroid metabolism 13/54 (24.0) 34/7276 (0.4)4.69E-19
3Amino acid biosynthesis 10/24 (41.6)102/7276 (1.4)4.80E-13
4Development 10/19 (52.6)479/7276 (6.5)8.11E-08
5Pyrimidine base biosynthesis3/12 (25) 13/7276 (0.1)1.23E-6
6Response to pheromone during
   conjugation with cellular fusion4/16 (25) 48/7276 (0.6)3.23E-6
7Cytokinesis  5/23 (21.7) 78/7276 (1.0)4.05E-6
8Sulfur metabolism  3/13 (23.0) 51/7276 (0.7)9.34E-5
9Fermentation  2/14 (14.2) 16/7276 (0.2)4.3E-4
  • a The list of genes in each group and in corresponding biological processes can be found in supplementary material IV (

  • b Biological processes were based on terms from gene ontology.

  • c The number of genes involved in the biological process within the inferred group divided by the total number of genes in the group.

  • d The total number of genes annotated in the biological process divided by the total number of annotated genes in the genome.

  • e The P-value was computed as the probability of obtaining the observed or a larger number of genes in the group by chance under the hypergeometric distribution.