Linked loci from interval mapping on chromosome 11 for RA-induced forelimb defects in BC1 fetuses

TraitAbbreviationNo. of affected/no. of unaffectedPeak position
 nearest peakLOD scoreb
All affected All-193/31346.3 D11Mit399.0
Preaxial Pre-155/35143.7 D11Mit394.5
Postaxial Post-166/34046.3 D11Mit394.8
Right-sided Right-189/31749.0 D11Mit398.6
Left-sided Left-134/37241.0 D11Mit43.2
ln QTc QT-193/31345.0 D11Mit396.2
  • a Positions were interpolated to distances described in the MGI (

  • b Results were from QTL Cartographer, and identical results were also obtained by MAPMAKER/QTL V1.1b and Map Manager QTXb19.

  • c Natural log transformed semiquantitative trait.