Summary of MANOVA for the effects of site T30200C on multivariate shape variation

HypothesisError matrixWilk's λF-valueNo. d.f.Den d.f.ProbF
AD modelT30200CError SSCP0.97 2.171217260.01
AD model with covariateT30200CError SSCP0.97 2.271217240.01
CentroidError SSCP0.9114.44 6 8629.6E-16
  • MANOVA for the partial warps and uniform components of variation for the central region of the wing. While there is a highly significant effect of centroid size on shape (allometry), there was no significant impact on the strength of the association with genotype. AD, arbitrary dominance; Den d.f., denominator degrees of freedom; ProbF, probability of F.