Averages and critical values for the outer 25% tails of empirical distributions of descriptive statistics

n = 195 loci without outgroup
 Tajima's D≤−1.9437−0.4712≥1.7121
 Fu and Li's D*≤−2.3888−0.4745≥1.4525
 Fu and Li's F*≤−2.5799−0.5323≥1.6234
n = 43 loci with A. lyrata outgroup
 Fu and Li's D≤−2.2382−0.4265≥1.8324
 Fu and Li's F≤−2.4493−0.5220≥2.1240
  • a The minimum value is 0.0. The percentage of 0.0 values is 7.7%.

  • b Tajima's D divided by its minimum (Schaeffer 2002).

  • c The minimum value is −1.0. The percentage of −1.0 values is 22%.

  • d The interspecific divergence was corrected after Jukes and Cantor (1969).

  • e Fay and Wu's H divided by its minimum (see materials and methods).

  • Distributions are based on silent sites.