Aberrant segregation and co-conversion

(270)arg430113527 6144860(50)
MJL287074433%ura318113341 51547715%
(246)arg435 9343111185360(37)
(210)arg411121128 3184763(31)
MJL295712466%ura3 8 5 611 22962627%
(80)arg4 3 2 8 8 1197178(8)
(290)arg414141936 4185467(39)
MJL295923651%ura3 7151228 5285767
  • a The interval for the ectopic crosses MJL2902 and MJL2870 is URA3–ARG4. For MJL2936, MJL2957, and MJL2959 the interval is natMXhphMX. The number in parentheses is the total number of tetrads with a CO in the specified interval.

  • b 7:1, 1:7, 8:0, 0:8, and aberrant 4:4, 5:3, 3:5, 6:2, or 2:6 segregation patterns (see supplementary material at for details). Calculations of ABS frequencies assume that these were produced by two independent conversion events.

  • c The number in parentheses is the number of tetrads that showed co-conversion as defined in the text.

  • d Data from MJL2936 and MJL2957 were summed.

  • ura3, ura3-EcPal+104; arg4, arg4-EcPal+9; ABS, total aberrant segregation events/total tetrads; CO/ABS, fraction of tetrads showing aberrant segregation that is crossover associated; PMS/ABS, fraction of tetrads showing aberrant segregation where the palindromic marker shows PMS; co-conv, fraction of tetrads showing co-conversion.