BAC clones used in this study

OrganismBAC IDSize (bp)Accession no.
Oryza sativa japonica (Nipponbare)OSJNBa0065O17 (4)a167,269AL606682
OSJNBb0012E24 (4)127,506AL606647
Sorghum bicolorSB20O07 (?)157,237AY542311
Zea mays mays (B73)ZMMBBb0138BO4b and
   ZMMBBc0333J11c (10L)290,350AF466202
ZMMBBb0092E12b (2S)147,198AF466203
ZMMBBc0566K20c,d (2S)∼134,000AY542310
  • a Chromosomal location of a BAC contig.

  • b Referred to as 5′ BAC in the text.

  • c Referred to as 3′ BAC in the text.

  • d This clone was partially sequenced; present assembly is in phase 2 (nine ordered pieces, 134,220 bp).