Putative function of Ac flanking sequences and insertion site location (in parentheses), if known

tr-AcDatabaseE-valueAccessionPutative function
Mapped tr-Acs
bti00207nr 5e−25AF466202Maize putative pol protein gene
bti00209est 3e−22AU067887Rice unknown gene
bti00226nr 2e−43AF413200Maize d8 gene (promotor and 5′-UTR region)
bti00245est 6e−46BQ163759Maize unknown gene
mon03077est e−122CF633631Maize unknown gene
mon03082nr 2e−76AY105664Maize unknown gene
mon00012nr 5e−69AY105294Maize unknown gene
mon00044nr 1e−59NM_122227Arabidopsis serine carboxypeptidase-related gene
   (coding sequence)
mon00060nr 9e−18CA619151Wheat unknown gene
mon00110nr 8e−45AF100769Maize receptor-like kinase gene (5′-UTR region)
mon00200est 2e−23BF728928Maize unknown gene
mon00212est 5e−37AW231322Maize unknown gene
mon00218est 4e−40CF244390Maize unknown gene
Repetitive tr-Acs
bti00190nr e−151AF466203Maize gypsy-type retrotransposon RIRE2
bti00194nr 3e−15AY105224Maize unknown gene
bti00220nr e−110NM_105440Arabidopsis leucine-rich repeat family protein
   (coding sequence)
bti00228nr e−106AP003022Pseudogene, transposable element Txlc protein 2 (putative
   coding sequence)
bti00242nr 1e−25AF448416Maize retrotransposon Xilon2 LTR in bz genomic region
bti00256nr 7e−32D63956Maize gmlip15 gene (upstream of TATA box)
mon00002nr 1e−54AP002869Rice putative polygalacturonase PG2 gene (coding sequence)
mon00020nr 2e−48AF546189Maize repetitive region in 19-kD zein gene family
mon00028nr 1e−29AP004693Rice putative dioscorin class A precursor (coding sequence)
mon00054nr 2e−31AY109416Maize unknown gene
mon00066nr 2e−30AF464738Maize copia-type pol polyprotein
mon00070nr 1e−18AF050455Maize gypsy/Ty3-type retrotransposon Tekay LTR
mon00102nr 2e−63AC027037Rice putative cellulose synthase (coding sequence)
mon00128nr 1e−60U57899Maize repressor-like protein (in1) gene
mon00132est 5e−55AI939783Maize unknown gene
mon00160nr 3e−50AP005245Rice putative DNA-damage-repair toleration protein
   (coding sequence)
mon00168nr 7e−17AY144442Sorghum: located between Kaema-2 retrotransposon and MITE
mon00194nr 1e−15AF010283Sorghum: next to solo LTR of retroelement Leviathan
mon00204est 6e−46BG901272Maize unknown gene
mon00210nr 4e−40AC116033??Maize repetitive region in 19-kD zein gene family
mon00240nr 7e−32L22344Maize globulin-1 gene (promoter region)