S. pombe strains used in this study

GC151a  BSC 46-1811h ura4A+ ura4-D18
GC151b  BSC 46-1812h+ ura4A+ ura4-D18
S64  BSC 45-1764h ura4A-1 ura4-D18
S65  BSC 45-1765h+ ura4A-1 ura4-D18
S66  BSC 45-1766h ura4A-2 ura4-D18
S67  BSC 45-1767h+ ura4A-2 ura4-D18
S68  BSC 45-1768h ura4A-3 ura4-D18
S69  BSC 45-1769h+ ura4A-3 ura4-D18
S70  BSC 45-1770h ura4A-4 ura4-D18
S71  BSC 45-1771h+ ura4A-4 ura4-D18
S72  BSC 45-1772h ura4A-5 ura4-D18
S73  BSC 45-1773h+ ura4A-5 ura4-D18
S74  BSC 45-1774h ura4A-6 ura4-D18
S75  BSC 45-1775h+ ura4A-6 ura4-D18
S80  BSC 45-1780h ura4A-9 ura4-D18
S81  BSC 45-1781h+ ura4A-9 ura4-D18
S82  BSC 45-1782h ura4A-10 ura4-D18
S83  BSC 45-1783h+ ura4A-10 ura4-D18
S84  BSC 45-1784h ura4A-11 ura4-D18
S85  BSC 45-1785h+ ura4A-11 ura4-D18
S86  BSC 45-1786h ura4A-12 ura4-D18
S87  BSC 45-1787h+ ura4A-12 ura4-D18
S88  BSC 45-1788h ura4A-13 ura4-D18
S89  BSC 45-1789h+ ura4A-13 ura4-D18
S90  BSC 45-1790h ura4A-14 ura4-D18
S91  BSC 45-1791h+ ura4A-14 ura4-D18
OL497  BSC 84-3346h ura4A+ ura4-D18 his3-D1 swi10::kanMX ade6-M210
MAB039  BSC 58-2295h ura4A+ ura4-D18 pms1::his3+ his3-D1 ade6-M210
MU132  BSC 97-3873h+ ura4A-13 ura4-D18 his3-D1 swi10::kanMX
MU134  BSC 97-3875h+ ura4A-10 ura4-D18 his3-D1 swi10::kanMX
MU137  BSC 98-3891h ura4A-10 ura4-D18 his3-D1 pms1::his3+ swi10::kanMX
MU136  BSC 98-3890h+ ura4A-13 ura4-D18 his3-D1 pms1::his3+ swi10::kanMX
  • a The first entry is either the original strain name or a short version of the BSC number. The second entry is the number of the Berne strain collection.

  • b All strains are from this study except GC151a and GC151b (Grimm et al. 1994) and OL497 obtained from O. Fleck. MU132 is a segregant from cross OL497 × S89, MU134 was obtained from OL497 × S83, MU136 from MAB039 × MU132, and MU137 from MAB039 × MU134.